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Monday, August 8, 2016

* The Magical Fall *

Do not move,
Not even try!
Just witness
Be witness!
Do not acknowledge.
Do nothing about it.
The moment you think,
To acknowledge it.
To christen it.
To happily share.
And lo!
It ceases to be.
What one is left with
Is just after-taste!
What you share
Or go through
Is mere aftermath!
One is shere spectator,
In deep state of misery!
N in ecstatic moments!
The thought shall
Break the spell!
So don't even try!
It's all mysterious!
It's so magical!
Total trance!
Out of the moments
In the fall of love,
One derives the bliss
For a life time!
.................... Mukhar! 21/11/15
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