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Friday, April 12, 2013

Believe the deity powers!

From this corner of the earth to that, that’s what we have read, she had been in shackles of don’t and more importantly more of don’ts. This is all the more true of last millennia, or at least five to six centauries. Here and everywhere she was brought up to please men and serve family, with no privileges in any sort of inheritance. She and her parents and all her well wishers, hence, always dreamt of a charming prince arriving on a white horse to take her away and make her live happily ever after. Ridding a white horse always depicted a man of power and wealth. And that is why she and her parents and all her well wishers prayed for a son to be born to her, the only way to have a say on any sort of inheritance.
In the passage of time, time that elongated to ages, she never had any practical experience of outer world. By outer world we don’t mean anyplace like space but she was bound within the fourwalls with countless of do’s and the never ending string of don’ts, peeping through the window she could not but alas! Only dreamt! 
Eventually she is now nothing but a romantic, always in dreams, very impractical…I know, you men know it well and you women heard that better all of your life!
Not very long ago, but recently only, three four decades of freedom through education or perhaps the almighty pitied that she today finds herself amidst the open field and under the blue blue sky… and the repressed emotions of ages make her take a flight without even tasting the waters, even before learning to spread the wings…
Hold your breath for this is just the beginning…and so most of them bound to nose dive…but very soon the world will witness the azure strewn with all of them. I can see few already gliding above those thermal winds. For she is the one who creates the world, she is none other than the Mother Nature herself! She is the one, who breastfeed the human civilization. Without feminine power the world could not even crawl.
I love Indian culture for it has the seeds of vivacious power to be unleashed. Hey you, all women out there! Acknowledge yourself! It is celebration of feminine power. Jai Mata Shakti !!
(Pardon my grammatical mistakes. And I don’t mind being a little high on spirits! Thanks.)
I believe I can fly,
I believe I can touch the sky,
Thinking about it night and day,
Spread my wings and fly away,
I believe I can soar,
See me run through that open door…
I believe I can fly…
I Believe!
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