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Friday, June 5, 2015


As the day was done,
I looked back...and lo !
I was no more standing,
On the same ground,
As was in the beginning !
I had stepped ahead !!
So ?
The sleep was not sound.
There was too much noise,
Perhaps inner voice !
The Sun found me awake.
Got up to brew n bake.
I put some coffee, sugar,
Sprinkled drops of water,
As the seconds ticked,
Mechanically, the coffee I beat.
Melancholy, the beat echoed my ache...
I witnessed the changing hue !
Suddenly it downed to me
.................................whew !
The daugh has to be hardened
For biscuits to be crisp !
The coffee must change the colour !
That brings much needed flavor !
As the time passes,
The life has to lose,
The dough like freshness.
To gather the fervor...
To let the bygone be bygone !
                             One is bound !
Moving ahead isn’t losing ground !
No loss of values !
Nor of morals !
Otherwise -
What is growth ?
            Evolution ?
                   Maturity  ?
                                         -  Mukhar !
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