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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

“Admiration n beauty”                                                                                             16 march’10
 You know, today Pran gave me a longing look!! When I asked what he was looking in my face he replied that today I looked happy!!!
Really!! Since then I m thinking for the reason behind that; reason behind my happiness. What could it be? Then I got reminded of the admiration I received today.
So? Now I understand why every girl looks charming! Especially at a particular age!! Because she some times or other finds an admirer. A guy following her every day to and fro collage. Some boy approaches her for petty excuses just to get to talk to her. Or someone even proposes her. She feels the feeling; she can see the affection in the eyes of the silent lovers. Or even she can dismiss the proposal outright. But that proposal leaves a positive mark on her personality. And she grows beautiful!! Inspite of the substandard behavior she might have received at home for being a girl child. And this is very much true. Ask any mother, brother or girl. They would definitely accept that the boys of the house had an upper hand in all small and big matters of the house. And a total command over even the elder sister.
 Yet she blossoms. Only she can receive all the admiration in true sense! And she wears the smile and confidence as she is admired at the exact timing as it is required most at later adolescent age! Who can deny that? The confidence is reflected in the way she talks and walks.
It is not like the boys do not get crushed upon! But seldom has it happened that a girl expresses her feeling for any guy! At least not in our generation! And have you not noticed the charm on the face of any boy who had been approached by a girl? In present era every other youth has lasting impression and a charming personality. It is so because today even the girls confidently articulate their feeling for the congruent guys! Hence so much flow of admiration is going on. Thus today even the boys are growing more handsome!!
Moral of the story is- admire others and admire sincerely! The world would turn out to be more fascinating!!!

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